(Originally posted to craigslist, before getting inexplicably flagged, then just as mysteriously unflagged.)


I work in advertising, so obviously it was very gratifying to have good marketing appreciated for a change.

I probably spent around 20 hours working on this thing, painstaking cutting and pasting and scanning images by hand. Sometimes it is way more work to make things look charmingly amateurish.

Were we to apply my standard freelance rate, I'd end up making around 300 bucks on the deal. I'm a genius.

Yes, I do know about the hypothermia/hyperthermia typo. Kind of out of my hands at this point.

This was my first ever experience with "going viral." From the original link I posted on my facebook and twitter pages, the thing spread from friend to friend, and then outward to bigger and bigger sites. Here are the main places I spotted it:

Besides that, plenty of other people called, texted, emailed, friended, and followed me. Someone sent me a topless photo? It was... pretty weird.

Oh - and some people did actually contact me about buying the car.

UPDATE: Roughly a year after the ad went live, I wrote a blog post about my experience.

UPDATE UPDATE: A few months after that, I got a weird bug up my butt and created an additional "deleted scene" panel for the ad.

Not to self-promote even more, but I do do freelance, if you're interested. Feel free to check out my resume, portfolio, and other weirdo projects I've done.